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Budya Indonesia Course

This course provides the opportunity for Indonesian-Australian people to share their culture with the wider community. The course is essential for all teachers and students of Indonesian language in order to increase their awareness and understanding of Indonesian culture by learning directly from Indonesian people. The course also provides an opportunity for course tutors to address issues of cultural miseducation and misinformation. The course supports multiculturism and Living in Harmony principle and would be appropriate to use as a guide in designing similar cultural awareness courses within schools, universities or community organisations. This course is also appropriate for other ethnic and indigenous groups.

Week 1: Indonesian Language and Cultural Politeness (Judith Shelley)

An introduction to Bahasa Indonesia conversation, greetings and introductions, incorporating a discussion of Indonesian cultural manners and customs

Week 2: Balinese Offerings and Hindu-Dharma Rituals (Made Coblyn)

This class will give practical experience in the making of Balinese offerings used for religious and ceremonial purposes including a discussion on the women's role in Hindu-Dharma ritual

Week 3: Indonesian Cooking (Sunarto Tyas-Tunggal)

Learn new delicious Indonesian recipes from an experienced Indonesian chef

Week 4: Indonesian Traditional Dance (Hendri Buderman)

A chance to experience Indonesian traditional dance and a discussion on ethnic variations in Indonesian dance

Week 5: Indonesian Music (Hendri Budiman)

An opportunity to experiment with traditional gamelan instruments and a discussion of Indonesian traditional and modern music styles

Week 6: Indonesian Drama and Poetry (Wawan Prahara

Experience Indonesian drama and movement exercises and a discussion on Indonesian poetry

Week 7: Indonesian Religions and Islam (Hendra Budiman

A discussion on the religions of Indonesia, religious tolerance, philosophes, rituals and religious laws and how they affect people's daily life in Indonesia

Week 8: Student's Choice

Determined by a vote among students at the end of the class in week 7

This course was designed by Judith Shelley, Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance.