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Sri Wintala Achmads' Haiku's

Monday Morning

Time's hands digged tomb at yard
For the suiciding man, because
The sun's cost was more expensive
Than the rainbow's
Indonesia, 2002

My Son Drew Cat

The cat my son'd drawn

It fase was his, after
Stealing his mother's fried salt fish
From her plate
Indonesia, 2002

After Making Love with Night

Today, it's waste of coffee in the cup
And the worst dream
Fried by the sun
Indonesia, 2002

Clouded Morning

By telephone someone told
:"Your mother's left old station
No waving hand and words!"
Indonesia, 2002

The Machine-Mouse's Death

Struck against the truck, the machine-mouse
His blood that flew on the street
:As smile as farmers' sweat

Indonesia, 2002


My Queen and My Sun

The eyes My queen's
:A couple of silver dews
When made love to my sun
Indonesia, 2002

The Man in the Suns

Shot by a time's arrow
The man's heart was burnt
By the suns
Indonesia, 2002

Before Sleeping

In the refrigerator
The sun kept
Freezing as a time bomb
Indonesia, 2002

Suiciding in the Class

From the teacher's blackboard
26 letters and 10 figures jumped
Into my son's head
Lying in thousands viruses
Indonesia, 2002

Love I

Rose and thorn
Making love on the vase
Indonesia, 2002


Opening the second heart '10 card

After the first king
The gambler tore all
On his last death's table
Indonesia, 2002
Beside the Pool

My son threw a little stone into the pool

Creating much wave of power. But
He'd being losed his shadow of dreams
Indonesia, 2002

In the Old Night

As a best night's friend
The poet burried his dream for all stars
Into the poetry digged as a tomb
Before the sun would kill him again
In the other fighting

Indonesia, 2002

Children Studied Drawing in the City

All buildings the children'd drawn in the city
:Their tombstone of death, after
They were killed by the teachers
In a slaughter scool
Indonesia, 2002

Playing a Guitar
Falling in love, the man
Played a guitar upto the highest scale
Bringing about one of its broken strings
Tore to rags his heart
Indonesia, 2002

Love II

The black pool the man's house
Where you'd come into it
As a white lotus
Indonesia, 2002

My Son And His PC

In front of the PC, my son peeped at his God
Beyond the perforated windows
:"He sings love, whilst
Drinks off some bottles of Vodka, Dad!"

My son had been angry, since
The peeped God wasn't as great as the praised
In his grandfather's old Holy Script. Then

He put thousands macros into the PC, so that
The godliness would intelegently be killed
Indonesia, 2002

MY Son Drew a Garden

By pencil my son was drawing a garden
No bumblebee or butterfly. Except
The cocoon whose life
As an ascetic slept on the burnt twig
As far as himself praying diligently

On his desk of classroom
Day by day, whilst
Posponing the flower' season
That would come soon

Indonesia, 2002

The Sculpture of Stone

The sculpture of stone the man
Had no dream again, for
His head was been sawn by time
As a nicest thiet last night

Indonesia, 2002


In the room all hands of o'clock
Hunted the little boy drooping beside steel door
Locked by his father having work for a day
Indonesia, 2002


Diving into the sea, the sun
Put on a couple of golden fins
And swam to fishers' fish-hook
:Those metropolitan men being hungry to love
Indonesia, 2002


The sun the man folded once more
Whose heat was hell's
Created by him to be greatest king's crown
To his Queen from misty empire
:The heaven of heart
Indonesia, 2002

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