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The Musical Genius of
DR. Hc. Bayu Wirawan.

The Miracle of Jazz
December 2002 till March 2003.

Virtuoso Indonesian Jazz pianist and composer DR.Hc.Bayu Wirawan, in Australia for the first time.

Delicate Jazz Musings, Eclectic, Exuberant, Wild, Dynamic, Spontaneous, Crazy Antics...these are some adjectives that might describe the music of DR.Hc.Bayu Wirawan.

Invited here for a three month cultural exchange program endorsed by the Australian Indonesian Institute, Bayu Wirawan will perform a season of his Miracle of Jazz improvisation concerts and workshops.

Bayu Wirawan is part of a decades old and hugely overlooked contemporary Indonesian music scene completely unknown here in Australia yet celebrated and enjoyed by many in Europe and America. Bayu Wirawan is one of this generations most eccentric offerings.

Bayu Wirawan is an avid lover of the Western Jazz traditions. During the early 90's he attended workshops in Berkeley, California with contemporary Jazz Greats;
Keith Jarret, Chick Chorea and Quincy Jones.
Being a keen advocate of jazz improvisation, Bayu constantly explores an ever changing landscape of jazz harmony, always pushing the envelope, extending himself across the entire range of jazz expression.

A highly energised, fluid piano technique, Bayu Wirawan has a 'no holes barred' approach to music which has earned him the notoriety as a 'Crazy Jazz Pianist', in fact the Craziest!. His stage presence is a captivating experience but rarely does he go over the top, only when the situation permits. Such as the case was at a few outdoor concerts I witnessed at this years JakArt Festival 2002 in Jakarta, where Bayu presented 15 Miracle of Jazz improvisation concerts.

The son of a Javanese Palaeontologist and Archaeologist, Bayu grew up in Jayapura, West Papua.
He remarks that those early years growing up hearing and playing the music of the local people left an indelible impression. "As a child I believed myself to be a Jayapuran. It was not until I was 15 that I first set foot on Java Island and only then did I begin to really know my heritage, Javanese Culture". Several of his compositions from the 'Jazz Ethnics' series explore the mystery of Javanese Legends in a Jazz-infused contemporary mix of traditional Indonesian sounds and music styles.

Anyone familiar with traditional Indonesian music will recognise instantly the classical music forms, melodies and instrumentation within some of his compositions. Sometimes utilising the Salendro and Pelog scales of the Gamelan in tandem with other indigenous music, Bayu Wirawan is travelling a new road in 'World Music'.
He is proud to borrow from his own heritage and that of other Indonesian ethnic groups for inspiration and the musical influences that are present in his Jazz expressions.

Bayu's recording career includes a set of 12 published albums released through his Indonesian label, Indo Records. Bayu admits that his catalogue of original compositions is around 50 albums worth but as yet has not had time to release the highlights.

Whilst in Australia Bayu will be collaborating with local musicians. A series of recording sessions at Spaceland Studios in the hills of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, have been planned together with several public performances with the new combo. To facilitate the distribution of Bayu's 'Indo Records' catalogue and the future release of recordings made during his visit, a new label has been established, 'AusIndo Records'. AusIndo Records is a collaborative partnership between Producer/musician Paul Vane-Mason (Spaceland Studios), Administrator Duncan Coleman and Bayu Wirawan's Cipta Karya Seni Foundation. Bayu's combined Traditional Indonesian and Jazz Fusion compositions are the focus of the first AusIndo Records CD release entitled, Jazz Ethnetics compilation - Volumes One and Two Jazz Ethnetics Vol.1 & 2 is a 'best of' selection from 5 of his 12 Album IndoRecords catalogue.

Bayu will also be visiting some local schools demonstrating to students the virtues and progressive nature of contemporary Indonesian culture.

I urge any music lover who wants to taste something unique and fresh to catch Bayu Wirawan at one or more of his public engagements.

*Woodford Folk Festival 27th Dec-1st Jan.
(guest of Festival-chalkboard listings)
*Suara Indonesia radio program Bay FM 5th January 4pm-6pm
*Mooloolaba Yacht Club 11th Jan. 7pm-10pm
*Upfront Club Maleny 24th Jan 7pm-10pm
*Suara Indonesia Radio Program 2RES FM Sydney 9th Feb 7pm-9pm
*University of the Sunshine Coast(Orientation Week) 20th Feb 9am-12pm
*Maleny Community Hall-'All Stars Big Gig'
1st Mar. 7pm -11pm

Duncan Coleman
Email: alphachannel@serv.net.au
mobile: +61 (0)415 408 439

check the webpage for details about where Bayu is performing....

For some excellent examples of Bayu's writing check out:
"ENTROPY of The Jazz Mentalist"

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