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Terror: The Exhibition

11 - 29 September 2002 DRCCC

This exhibition at the Foyer Gallery was timed to coincide with the first anniversary of the World Trade Center attack. The exhibition aimed to establish counterpoints to the one dimensional world media view of terrorism.

The exhibition attracted an excellent response from the arts community and general public, with over 200 people attending the opening and many participating in the full day seminar program.

The DRCCC believes the arts can play a unique role in redefining our response to terrorism. September 11 can become a catalyst for review and renewal. Artists are able to provide new and different perspectives to the mainstream debate, offering insight from the margins. They can use chosen media to get to the heart of an issue and bring people with them.

Is it only terrorism when it is against your own people? Does it have to be sudden violent death? What about the personal terror of family violence? Children forcibly removed from parents? Slow death arising from globalised hunger? And is it possible to eradicate the origins of terror through global warfare?

Exit: by Indonesian artist S.E. Dewantoro
[Acrylic on canvas]

The arts can provide a platform for people to explore their own response to terror post September 11, and help establish a broader, healthier base for communities to grapple with terror in all of its forms.

The exhibition featured works in all media including 3D, installation, performance, web art, video and spoken word.

The exhibition opened on Wednesday September 11 by Rod Quantock with special guest speakers and performance. Sunday September 15, featured a full day Seminar and Performance Program with guest artists and speakers presenting their perspective on 'Terror!'. On Saturday Sept 28, an art auction was held at the completion of the show.

The Hidden Shame: below,
By Denise Dempsey
[Mixed media on canvas]

Masks - Jenny Rowe (below)

Viewing work at Terror: the Exhibition opening (below)

Many of the major exhibition pieces are for sale as well as smaller pieces
such as art cards, brooches, bookmarks and notebooks.
Free Entry
Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 4.30pm & Weekends 1.00 to 5pm
DRCCC Foyer Access Gallery
351 Glenfern Road Upwey (Cnr Matson Drv)
Enquiries 03 9754 8723

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